A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What we're watching

Your genial host (me) and his household enjoy DVDs. We watch films via a Netflix subscription and the occasional retail purchase, and watch several television series via the same methods. Right now we have a nice handful of DVD boxed sets of various television series in front of our set, which we are cycling through (one episode from one set on one evening, one episode from another set the next evening, etc.). These boxed sets were outright purchases- via Amazon, Best Buy, or Target- so there's no rush getting them returned to anyone. Here are the series that are amusing us at the moment:

Smallville, season 8. Good season-long arc as Clark Kent takes on the unstoppable Doomsday from the comics.

Dark Shadows, The Beginning, collection 2. The early, non-supernatural episodes of this 60's soap are still moody and engaging despite the lack of vampires and witches.

Enterprise, season 2. Enjoyable Star Trek series focusing on the early days of Starfleet.

Weeds, season 4. Naughty, subversive fun.

Teen Titans, season 3. Animated superheroes with a whimsical touch.

Justice League, The Complete Series. Animated heroes with a more straight-up dramatic approach.

Are you watching anything interesting on DVD these days?

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