A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Do you use your Kindle wish list feature on your K1 or K2? Formerly called the save for later feature (I guess that didn't sound warm and fuzzy enough), it gives you the abilty to maintain a convenient little list of books that you may be interested in purchasing at some point.

It's so easy to use. When browsing the Kindle Store and a title looks interesting, but you're not ready to purchase it yet for whatever reason, simply hit the add to wish list button. The book's title will go right into your wish list file, which can be easily accessed anytime after that by visiting the Kindle storefront, bringing up the menu, and hitting the selection titled your wish list. I don't know about you, but I'd forget half the books that sounded interesting to me if I didn't compile them in my wish list file. Oh, when you're perusing your wish list and want to finally make a purchase from there, simply click on the book that you want to buy and you'll be sent to the book's description page where you can make your purchase.

In case you're curious, right now I have 14 books on my Kindle wish list. Here are the first five:

Enemies & Allies, by Kevin J. Anderson ($9.99). Superman and Batman form an unasy alliance in this cold-war era tale of the space race, nuclear stockpiles, and corporate greed. This should be fun.

1776, by David McCullough ($9.99). I'm really in the mood to read this after recently watching the John Adams mini-series on DVD. Friends have also raved.

The Birthing House, by Christopher Ransom ($14.84). Tale of a young couple taking on a fixer-upper that turns out to be haunted sounds edgy and interesting based on the reviews I've read online. However, I'll use the wish list to periodically monitor its price (another great ability of the feature!), as $14.84 seems a little high for a diverting horror novel.

The Walk, by Lee Goldberg ($1.99). Engaging mystery writer Goldberg offers one of his early, out-of-print books on Kindle, something a lot of authors are doing with their back lists these days. This one is more of a post-apocalyptic thriller rather than the breezy mysteries Goldberg usually writes.

The Boxer and the Spy, by Robert B. Parker ($7.19). I need to remove this from my wish list because I have since bought the book and am currently halfway through it! This is one of the author's periodic tales primarily aimed at young adults, though in the past they've been just as engaging for regular ol' adults, too. So far this one continues that trend.

What's on your Kindle wish list? And if you haven't started using the feature yet, get crackin'!


  1. Joe,

    I hope you enjoy THE WALK! You're right, it is very different from my light-hearted stuff (like the MONK books), but I hope you find a few laughs along the way.


  2. Thanks for stopping in, Lee. I plan to write a little about your "Monk" books shortly. Now that the show's done, your books will especially fill a void for fans.

  3. Joe,

    I certainly hope they will. There are at least two more in the pipeline -- MR. MONK IS CLEANED OUT in July and MR. MONK GETS EVEN in December.