A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quiet little movie... not

We watched the film 2012 this evening on DVD. It's sort of a mixed bag. The story was standard, by-the-numbers silliness, making me glad we waited for the DVD to see it, but we likely missed something by not viewing the spectacular effects on the big screen. Oh, well, pick your poison, as they say-- a too-small TV screen to enjoy the spectacle, or paying full freight at the theater to watch all of humanity get wiped out while at the same time being told by the producers (with a straight face) that we should feel happy because John Cusack, his family, and a cute dog survive.

Another curiousity of the movie: the big disaster scenes were flawlessly done, but several sequences simply depicting characters driving in cars along a quiet road sported the phony backgrounds of a 50's "B" movie. Go figure.

Anyway, I guess I'm glad I saw the movie. And if it didn't do anything else, 2012 and its spectacular, never-seen-this-before depiction of every conceivable disaster out there (floods, earthquakes, car crashes, building collapses, etc., etc.) at the very least eliminates the need for any kind of additional disaster movie for at least the next ten years. So we should be grateful to the movie for that reason alone.

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