A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bond news

Some interesting literary news was released yesterday. Ian Fleming Publications announced that William Boyd (pictured), the award-winning author of Restless, Any Human Heart, and many other novels, has been engaged to write the next James Bond novel.

Interestingly, the novel will feature a "classic Bond" and will be set in the late 1960's. So much for the re-booted Bond presented by Jeffery Deaver last year in Carte Blanche, eh?

The full press release is floating around the internet for those who want to read it, but this post contains the gist of the announcement. The as-yet untitled novel (with no plot details yet released, either) will be published in Fall 2013 by Jonathan Cape in the UK and HarperCollins in the United States and Canada.

The next James Bond movie, Skyfall, will reach U.S. movie screens this coming November.

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