A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strange, fun diversion

I really should be working harder to catch all the Oscar-nominated films I haven't seen yet, in preparation for Sunday night's Academy Awards. I did catch "Rango" last night, though, via Netflix. The movie is up for a Best Animated Feature Oscar. Here's the quick little capsule review of the film that I just put up at Amazon...

Gore Verbinski’s Rango, featuring yet another quirky, endearing performance from Johnny Depp, is a funny, engaging good time. I enjoyed its skillful mix of surreal craziness and straightforward narrative, neither overpowering the other. Watch for all the great tributes to Hollywood films of years past (even one or two that starred Depp himself), as well as the most obvious one: The film’s plot, themes, and even its main antagonist are cleverly and playfully taken from the classic 70’s drama Chinatown, minus that film’s violence and weird familial relationships (so it’s okay for the kids). Cool animation and character design, too!

Next up, I'll tell you what I think of "Moneyball", up for a Best Picture Oscar (as well as a few others). Netflix promised me that one for Thursday!

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