A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer days

Well, summer is just about over, but we managed to get away a fair amount of times, both to the New Jersey seashore and Pennsylvania's Pocono mountains. Actually we visited a number of nice spots in each of these destinations. Here are a couple of photos recently taken in Ocean City, New Jersey, a favorite place of ours for a quick day trip or a last-minute overnighter.

The first photograph shows Ocean City's famed boardwalk on the morning of Wednesday, August 31. Bikeriders are allowed on the boardwalk until about noon or so. That morning, we had a nice breakfast on the boards and shopped for a bit.

The second shot, also taken on August 31, shows a salt water taffy machine in one of the fudge and salt water taffy stores on the boardwalk, viewed through a window in the back of the store that separates the retail floor from the employees-only production area. The machine dates back many decades and is regularly maintained to assure its continued operation.

We may get one or two more shore trips under our belt before the weather gets cold. In fact, we may even get back there once or twice in the winter, because the off-season deals are so good. We'll just have to concentrate more on the nice hotel rooms and the handful of restaurants that will still be open, and not so much on the freezing boardwalk with its mostly-closed stores. Still, a brisk winter walk on the boardwalk is never completely out of the question!

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