A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Danger, death, and Dewar's

Jeff Abbott's Adrenaline is a bang-up thriller centering around up-and-coming CIA agent Sam Capra, who goes undercover with various unsavory criminal types in an effort to find his kidnapped and very pregnant wife, Lucy. Complicating Sam's unsanctioned operation is the fact that Sam's office was bombed on the same day as Lucy's kidnapping, and Sam is soon blamed for the many deaths the bombing caused.

Taking on murderous thugs on the one hand and evading his former colleagues on the other, Sam has his work cut out for him. A military espionage operation, complex yet always fascinating, soon comes into play, but Mr. Abbott wisely never drifts far from the emotional core of the story: Sam's unbridled drive to find his wife and unborn child.

Fast-paced yet never letting its slickness overcome its smarts, Adrenaline is a terrific read, and apparently the start of an intriguing new series. Oh, and without telling you too much, aside from the book's other attributes, Adrenaline sets up a unique family dynamic that I suspect will be quite a challenge for Sam to navigate in future adventures.

The book also has one final heartwarming attribute that made it a winner for me: an unending affection for bars, whether they be stylish piano bars, neighborhood watering holes, or cozy European bars located in historic buildings. Despite Sam's many intense trials and tribulations, at least he gets to enjoy several quality drinks in several nice places during the course of the story, even accepting a bartender job at one point during his rogue operation!

Adrenaline is available on Kindle for $12.99, with Amazon also offering an "enhanced" version of the book for viewing on tablet computers and other mobile devices, for the same price. I didn't read the enhanced version, so I'm not sure what the enhancements entail. Instructional mixology videos, maybe?

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