A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Decent magazine

As most of you know, one can enjoy magazines, newspapers, and blogs on Kindle, not just books. Below is a review I originally wrote in 2008 for Amazon, describing an issue of "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine" that I enjoyed on my new (at the time) first-generation Kindle. I've continued to enjoy occasional issues of the magazine on my various Kindles since then, and the review below, which 52 of 53 Amazon shoppers have found "helpful" since 2008, continues to sum up my feelings. Maybe you'll find it helpful, too...

As a mystery/thriller fan, it was a great treat to see Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine offered on the Kindle. My Kindle edition of the initial issue offered included 9 short stories, including a great Lawrence Block "Keller" story and a new English translation of a wonderful Japanese mystery set in the world of the Japanese police. There was also a short review column on mystery blogs and a meaty, interesting book review column. The issue was rounded out by a nice reproduction of the print edition's cover, two cute poems (crime-oriented, of course), and announcement of the magazine's 2007 Reader Awards.

At the end of each story, one is given the option to jump back to the table of contents to select another story, but I chose to just sail right through and read the whole edition "cover to cover". That's something I never did with the print edition for some reason. I guess just seeing one nicely presented page at a time on the Kindle versus seeing one big intimidating digest all at once makes all the difference for us readers who battle an occasional lazy streak.

I'll likely check out one or two other Dell magazines offered on the Kindle. It was a nice diversion from the regular reading of my Kindle novel and news blogs to enjoy a piece of short fiction every day or so (I made this first issue last about two weeks). But, whatever other Dell titles I end up trying out, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is likely to be the one ongoing, regular visitor to my Kindle each month.

Note: Amazon frequently updates the presentation and functionality of Kindle blogs and periodicals, so as this review gets older, it may no longer accurately describe the current version of this product.

Back to 2011. I'm currently enjoying the March/April 2011 issue of the magazine, one of the publication's occasional double-sized issues, which don't cost any more than the normal-sized issues that appear most months of the year. Actually, this issue may no longer be available, because Amazon is currently showing a photograph of the May issue in the Kindle store. No matter, buy it anyway! You'll still get a generous amount of reading material.

"Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine" costs $2.99 per month on Kindle, if you subscribe. A single issue can be purchased for $3.49. The accompanying photograph shows the March/April 2011 issue on my Kindle 3.


  1. I get Analog and Asimov's on my Kindle and love getting them that way. When I got the paper copies, I sometimes never got around to reading them. But not so with the Kindle. I think these kinds of magazines are a perfect match for the Kindle.

  2. Though I'm more into mysteries and thrillers these days, I've always been a big SF guy, too. I'll have to try out Dell's SF magazines on Kindle one day soon, as it's been a while. I used to enjoy the cool sophistication of "Analog" and the slight pulpy quality of "Asimov's" way back when. Do the publications still have those particular leanings?