A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet the newest e-reader

Here's a heads up to those who follow the ever-growing world of e-book readers: Barnes and Noble has just introduced the NOOKcolor, and it's a handsome little thing. From what I can tell from the promotional video at the Barnes and Noble web site, the NOOKcolor is a sort of hybrid between a traditional e-book reader and an iPad. That is, it seems to emphasize its value as an e-reader, but it's pretty obvious that it can do so much more.

Retailing at a reasonable $249, it'll be interesting to see if the bright, vibrant color display (which is also a touchscreen, by the way) will attract more people than the lack of a versatile indoor/outdoor e-ink screen will alienate others. Myself, I like the combination of an iPad-style touch screen with the portability and compactness of an e-book reader. It's one of the reasons that, more and more, I use my iPad at home and just tote my Kindle around: the big slab of an iPad just isn't as easy to carry around. But I do like the versatility and easy-on-the-eyes nature of e-ink and might miss an e-book reader without it. Good thing I'm not immediately in the market for an e-reader, because this darn thing is pulling me in two directions, at least in my first impressions.

The NOOKcolor is currently available for pre-order at the Barnes and Noble web site, and is expected to start shipping on November 19. I imagine it will become available for purchase at Barnes and Noble stores and selected other retail outlets around that time, too.

What do you folks think of it?

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  1. I'd rather have a Kindle and an iPad. NOOKcolor doesn't do it for me because it isn't as versatile as the iPad. As a reader, it isn't e-Ink, and is light sensitive. My touch screen color phone is great...except for in the car, the patio, even in the sunroom. No, give me e-Ink for my books. (Now, if they could develop color e-Ink....)