A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here, try these!

Should I be concerned about what my demographic information is saying about me? Recently, Amazon asked me- based upon my online purchases and web searches, I'm guessing- if I'd like a free supply of hangover relief medicine to review.

"Hey, I bet ol' Joe might find these interesting," I can hear them saying. Actually, I'm sure I wasn't singled out (even though my blog contains the word "taproom" in its title) and the folks at Amazon asked all their prolific reviewers if they'd like a supply. Well, I hope that was the case.

Anyway, for the most part, those of us who opted to accept the product ultimately delivered somewhat weak-kneed reviews. Why? Well, in the end, how can one really tell if a hangover remedy actually works? To clarify, here's what my review had to say:

I hate to file another wishy-washy review of this product, but I seem to be in the same camp as a lot of Amazon reviewers regarding Homeopathic Labs' Hangover Relief Tablets. Namely, this purported hangover remedy seem to work a little, though I can't totally be sure. After a few uses, I'm sort of believing that they turn a potentially heavy hangover (lots of drinking the night before) into just a light hangover. Likewise, they also seem to turn an expected light hangover (only a few cocktails the evening before) into a virtually free-and-clear morning experience.

But maybe it's all psychological. After all, when one takes a remedy, one expects a result. So perhaps I am imagining the benefits. I will say this: the tablets certainly don't make me feel any worse. Oh, I guess you should know that the tablets are small, pleasant tasting (sort of sweet), and easy to chew and swallow. At least that's something concrete I can tell you.

I'm sorry if this isn't the most helpful review in the world, but I honestly don't have strong feelings about this product one way or the other. Once I run out of the 50-tablet package that Amazon sent to me for review, it will be interesting to see if I feel moved to order another supply at my own expense.

Trust me, most of the reviews posted so far at Amazon are variations of what I wrote above. At least the following review, filed by a guy named Brett in Cape May, New Jersey (hello, neighbor!), added some grins to the mix:

I think everyone hangs over a bit differently, so based on my own use, no, this did not help. But in fairness, I was really hungover. I don't drink to the point of drunkeness often, but these did not stop the headache, vomiting, or burning. Then again, I might not have had them in my stomach long enough to work, as I threw up ten minutes after consuming them.

Just so you know, God love him, but Brett is part of the same Amazon program I belong to, where Amazon sends complimentary products out to prolific reviewers in exchange for an honest review. As Brett has demonstrated, Amazon doesn't require all that much in the way of a review in order to remain in the program.

Oh, in case you're wondering, these tablets usually go for $10.00 for a package of fifty. But if you see me in a bar, just flag me down and I'll shake a couple into your hand. I've still got 36 or so of these suckers left. Hey, how much do you think I drink?

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