A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More naughty fun

One of the fun things about the Kindle is that all kinds of little treasures from the past regularly become available again to modern audiences. Case in point...

The Stepdaughters, by Rod Waleman (the author's real name, I'm sure), is good fun for fans of 1970's exploitation fare. Businessman Mark has women falling all over him. These include his new wife Valerie, Valerie's teenage daughters, and members of Mark's secretarial pool. Mark even has a handy bedroom behind a sliding wall in his office, during those times when opportunity knocks during work hours (as it does one day when stepdaughter Ethel stops by). Seeing Mark's nice little arrangement at work, I always knew there was a reason our parents wanted us to go to college.

For something that originally appeared as a naughty paperback sold in dubious retail outlets, The Stepdaughters is a fairly polished, highly readable tale... though I wouldn't take any serious lessons from it. Women simply don't fall all over men the way they do in this book (that is, immediately or with minimal prompting). But, heck, you can pretend they do while reading this explicit adult treat. By the way, a couple of eye-opening alternative activities (and you may be surprised who they're between) also pepper the proceedings, but I'll leave them to your own discovery.

While Amazon's $11.18 price for a regular printed copy of The Stepdaughters (involving some kind of no frills yet still pricey print-on-demand method) would have probably kept me from taking the plunge, the extremely inexpensive cost of the Kindle edition, as well as the (let's be honest) anonymous nature of Kindle reading material, encouraged me to give it a shot. Getting half my fun from chuckling at the mostly over-the-top material and half my fun because the book is actually sort of interesting, The Stepdaughters didn't disappoint. If you're in the right mood, it won't disappoint you, either.

Oh, yes... a nice little bonus is the "scholarly" introduction at the outset of the book. It's a real hoot, attempting to convince the reader (and probably the local vice cops) that The Stepdaughters is a thoughtful, serious relationship aid that will help readers navigate the complicated waters of modern romance. Give me a break!

I bought The Stepdaughters a while ago on Kindle for the bargain price of 80 cents. It's now up to an even (and still quite reasonable, in my view) $1.00. Although the original '70s sexy cover art featuring Mark, Valerie and their girls romping around the bedroom seems to have been pulled from the Kindle edition since the time I bought the book, replaced with the generic text-only cover accompanying this post, you shouldn't let that deter you from picking up this undeniably exploitive yet nevertheless compelling little tale if you enjoy this type of material from time to time.

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