A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good stuff

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a bang-up direct-to-DVD animated film (adapted from a multi-part story from the Superman/Batman monthly comic book) that introduces to a modern audience Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from Krypton. The film has it all: great action, heartfelt drama, and epic wonderment, that last delivered primarily via the story's setting on the hellish planet Apokolips in the latter going, as the powerful, villainous Darkseid attempts to take control of the young and impressionable Kara and use her for his own purposes.

This is the most assured to date of the regularly appearing DC Comics animated films made for the DVD market, and that's saying something, as all of the films thus far have been very good. I especially liked the generous nature of the movie, as we get to see lots of heroes in action, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Kara (aka Supergirl), and a variety of Jack Kirby's great "New Gods" characters (Darkseid, Granny Goodness, and many others), with the movie being long enough that everyone has a chance to breathe and do their thing.

About the only negative point I can make about the movie is that for some inexplicable reason it looks like Superman is wearing heavy eye shadow throughout. Oh, well, that's just a quibble.

Extras on the two-disc standard DVD I bought include a decent 17-minute look at the history of Supergirl in the comics, and two episodes from the 1990s Superman animated television series, which feature another take on origin of Kara Zor-El. Oh, yes... you also get a terrific 10-minute short featuring the always entertaining Green Arrow.

If this type of material is anywhere up your alley, you can't go wrong picking up Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, putting your feet up, and enjoying the epic mayhem unfold.

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