A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Serious, but nice

I don't usually do major drinking at lunch, but, well... today is Friday. So a couple of us sampled a bottle of a nice Pouilly-Fuisse today. Now, as I understand things from the grilling I gave to my patient barmaid Beth, when one orders a "nice Pouilly-Fuisse" (pronounced POOL-lee FOO-say, by the way), you're basically getting a decent white wine made principally from Chardonnay grapes, but grown in the Pouilly-Fuisse region of France. Specifically, the wine we ordered was a "Alfio Moriconi Selection" Pouilly-Fuisse.

My first thought after tasting this Pouilly-Fuisse was, "We're not talking a fruity, fun wine here." No, this is a serious wine, somewhat dry, and maybe even a little syrupy (though that's maybe too strong an adjective for its non-lightness). But, in the end, I thought it was quite excellent. Just consider it a serious wine for serious topics. Enjoy it while you're discussing the state of the world, the eighteen reasons you hate this or that candidate in the upcoming midterm elections, or why you love the Beethoven Ninth Symphony so much.

We paid about $60.00 for the bottle, but that takes into account the typical restaurant mark-up. I'm guessing that you can pick up this "Alfio-Moriconi Selection" Pouilly-Fuisse for about $35.00 retail, maybe less. In any event, it's definitely worth seeking out if you occasionally like to spend a little more than usual for a memorable wine.

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