A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does its job

In the end, the James Patterson & Liza Marklund collaboration, The Postcard Killers, was slight but somewhat interesting, so- perhaps appropriately- I'll just write a slight and (hopefully) somewhat interesting review: The book's initial chapters were slick and unsavory (the latter due to the intense violence graphically depicted when a traveling couple is murdered), but things eventually even out a little when we meet some of the more sympathetic characters, especially the New York cop Jason Kanon and Swedish journalist Dessie Larsson, both of whom are looking into the murders the book centers around. Jason's and Dessie's quirky personalities and eventual romance add a little texture to the story, as well as provide a break from the graphic killings.

Maybe it's because I listened to the well-produced audio version of the story (nicely read by Katherine Kellgren, Erik Singer, and Reg Rogers, with just the right hint of music and sound effects), but I found the end result perfectly okay. The Postcard Killers is not spectacular, mind you, or nuanced, artful, ground breaking or anything like that. But it was a perfectly engaging little thriller that will neither make me rush out to purchase, or avoid like the plague, the next James Patterson collaboration that comes down the pike. It was just a decent little thriller and nothing more. And I was fine with that.

If you decide to read The Postcard Killers on your Kindle, you can pick it up from the Kindle Store for $12.99. I'm sure it's just as painless in prose form as it is on audio.

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