A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Monday, August 23, 2010

That sounds familiar...

We saw Eat Pray Love this past weekend, and I kinda/sorta liked the movie well enough. In fact, I'll probably write a little something about the overall film in the next day or two.

But until then... am I the only one who noticed with amazement that Richard Jenkins' memorable rooftop "I almost hit a child with my car" speech in the movie was the same exact speech given by Captain Stubing in an old "very special episode" of The Love Boat way back when, where we learned why the good captain no longer drank? I mean, it was literally the same exact speech, right down to the cowardice of the writers for refusing to make the guy actually hit a kid with the car while he was drunk, but only almost (of course, Eat Pay Love is supposed to be true, so I guess I can't slam the screenwriters too much on that point).

I just thought it was a riot to see the same dialogue from a cheesy TV show delivered by the great Richard Jenkins, who of course, sells it ten times better than Gavin McLeod's boilerplate effort at the time.

Somebody's got to put the two speeches side by side on a YouTube video, maybe cut back and forth between them.

The things I notice to amuse myself when my wife picks the movie.

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