A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Honestly not bad

Can't say I'm a subscriber, but I have picked up an occasional issue of Reader's Digest on the Kindle. It's a good mix of light feature pieces (an entertaining profile of actor Pierce Brosnan was a good read a while back) and long, detailed investigative articles (good one on the airline industry in the same issue). You also get the magazine's cute cartoons and other fun elements.

You also get another bonus. If there's one criticism I have of Kindle blogs and magazines, it's visual sameness. The New York Times looks like Newsweek which looks like The Philadelphia Inquirer, etc. But Reader's Digest on the Kindle looks like, well... Reader's Digest. You get the sharp, catchy graphics of the print edition (with the headline and sub-headlines of a story often embedded within the main photo just like in the regular magazine), and other pieces of visual flair- like the cartoons mentioned earlier- carried over from the magazine, too. I guess it's a small point (as content is really the most important thing), but it's nice seeing a Kindle magazine that looks truly different from other Kindle magazines. With luck this will be the beginning of a trend.

But, yeah, give an issue a shot. Even if you usually read weightier fare on your Kindle, you may just find the content and visual flair of Reader's Digest on the Kindle to be an occasional refreshing change.

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