A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A geek proposal

Marvel Comics various Essentials series collect issues of classic Marvel comics into thick, inexpensive volumes of about 500 pages each. The main thing keeping the price down is the fact that the original color comics are reproduced in the Essentials collections in black and white. This small downside is forgiven by most fans because, say, Essential X-Men Volume One will include around twenty-two consecutive issues of the X-Men comic book for something like 12 bucks, depending where you buy it. A steal, considering that individual back issues of the comic book could cost several dollars each or more.

Now here's my suggestion: while the many Essentials series out there wouldn't really work well on the standard Kindle, because the individual comic book panels on the original pages would be reproduced too small to read on the K1 or K2, the pages would reproduce fine, with no modification needed, on the much larger screen of the Kindle DX. One clean, complete page of a Spider-Man comic book story, for instance, would translate into one clean, complete page on the DX. Meaning, all of a sudden, the small downside of the comics being in black and white would now be a big upside, because it would allow the Kindle to reproduce them well.

Can't Marvel and Amazon put their heads together and get something going on this? If thousands of Marvel comics could suddenly be enjoyed on the Kindle DX, I bet sales of the DX would get a nice bump. And comics fans, especially those who have maybe gotten away from buying as many physical comic books and comics collections as they used to, could have some great fun getting re-acquainted with some great old comics.

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