A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Third book's the charm

Moving on with our examination of the early books in John Sandford's Prey series (all available on Kindle), today we'll talk a little about the third book in the series, Eyes of Prey...

As was the case with the first two books in the series- Rules of Prey and Shadow Prey- I just wanted the third entry, Eyes of Prey, to once again deliver solid police-thriller story and action with nothing fancy. And I got that. But slamming me to the ground at the last moment- on the final two pages, no less!- was a kickin' surprise ending worthy of The Sixth Sense.

I'm not saying the ending was supernatural (it wasn't), but it was the kind of ending that made you say "whoa!" and question every little thing you read before. And it was the best kind of surprise ending, in that it played fair and made sense yet was still completely surprising. And it made me rush out to get the next book in this series, Silent Prey, even though I'd planned to take a little break in the series before moving onto the next title.

Way to go, Mr. Sandford... it's great having an author who's truly interested in wowing his readers.

The accompanying photograph shows the cover art of the 1992 paperback edition of Eyes of Prey. The book is currently available on Kindle for $6.39.

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