A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Apps are a comin'

Kindle owners are buzzing with the news that Amazon will begin working with 3rd party software interests in the development of a soon-to-open Kindle App store, to be available right on your Kindle. While specific applications haven't been announced, it's been strongly suggested by Amazon and those close to the initiative that soon you'll be able to buy games to play on your Kindle, choose your own screensavers, purchase a more sophisticated filing system for your books (in other words, folders!), and grab up all manner of other enhancements to improve your Kindle experience.

Many folks are already throwing suggestions Amazon's way about the kind of things that should be offered. One of my favorites is an app that would let you design a screensaver with all your personal contact information on it. That way, if you ever left your Kindle in an airport, in a bar, or wherever, the screensaver would conveniently show whoever finds your Kindle all the info they would need to return it to you. Neat, huh?

Keep watching the Kindle area of Amazon's web site for further news on the developing app front.

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