A penny saved is ridiculous.

A penny saved is ridiculous.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The nickel tour of my Kindle

I'm one of those kindle owners who (of course) love to buy and read books on my Kindle, but also use it to enjoy lots of other reading material. Here's a quick snapshot of what appears on my K2 screen every morning when I flick on Whispernet:

The New York Times Latest News blog ($1.99 per month): meaty, hard-news stories and the occasional feature. Frequent daily updates.

AP Entertainment blog ($.99 per month): Well, written, informative entertainment news, with a minimum of the gossipy stuff. Frequent daily updates.

Amazon Daily blog (free): Amazon's general interest blog is like a good, well... general interest magazine, drawing its content from a variety of other blogs. Frequent daily updates.

The Good Phight blog ($.99 per month): A blog about the Philadelphia Phillies. Game reports and analysis during baseball season, trade news during the off season. One or two updates per day.

The New Yorker ($2.99 per month): The famous weekly lays out nicely on the Kindle, and even includes the magazine's famous cartoons.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ($5.99 per month): My hometown rag conveniently delivered every morning in an easily navigable edition containing all the news of the print edition, without the stuff I don't need (ads, inserts, classifieds, etc.).

I also used to get Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine ($2.99 per month) and really enjoyed it. But the unread issues were accumulating faster than I could read them, so now I just buy the occasional single issue and don't buy another one until I'm finished with it.

Are you a just books and nothing else type of Kindle reader, or are you like me and enjoy carrying around a virtual newsstand on your device?

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